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Science of Health: Dr. Susan Love’s The Breast Book

GUEST: Dr. Susan Love is a surgeon, researcher, mother, and author. She is the Chief Visionary Officer of the Dr. Susan Love Research Foundation, and a Clinical Professor of Surgery at UCLA and a founder of the National Breast Cancer Coalition. She joins us today, as part of our on-going series on the Science of Health, to discuss the 6th edition of Dr. Susan Love’s ‘Breast Book’.

More than ten years ago when my mother got the diagnosis that every woman dreads, that she had breast cancer, it was the most bewildering and traumatic moment of my life. About 20 years earlier my mother’s sister, my aunt, had died of breast cancer at the age of only 38. After the haze of emotions cleared from learning about my own mother’s cancer, I searched for something to help make sense of what was happening. And I found Dr. Susan Love’s Breast Book.

Considered the foremost authority on breast cancer in the United States, Dr. Love wrote with clear-eyed explanations and helpful diagrams how to understand the disease that has claimed so many women’s lives, and how far technology had advanced to treat it.

Now, as we head into October, Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Dr. Susan Love has published the sixth, and what she says is probably “last edition” of her Breast Book, twenty five years after its initial publication.

For more information, visit www.dslrf.org and www.armyofwomen.org.