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In Search of a New Paradigm of Conservation – That Includes Indigenous Self-Determination

GUEST: Tesia Bobrycki is a member of the organization Survival International.

Yosemite National Park turns 125 on Thursday. While the venerable park has been the site of millions of visits by Americans and non-Americans over the years, it obscures an ugly past built on the displacement of its original inhabitants – Native Americans.

To draw attention to that history, a young woman named Tesia Bobrycki catapulted herself off the famed Yosemite peak, El Capitan. She dangled 3000 feet in the air held up only by a rope. Bobrycki is a member of the organization Survival International, a group that draws attention to the dark side of conservation efforts globally.

Bobrycki said, “I love Yosemite. But my love for the place does not excuse the fact that Native Americans were violently evicted or killed when it was created. And it does not excuse the fact that parks around the world now follow its example – from Cameroon to Botswana to India.”

Find out more about the campaign at survivalinternational.org/stopthecon.