Oct 05 2015

Study Finds Greater Availability of Guns Leads To More Gun Deaths

GUEST: Adam Lankford, Professor in Dept. of Criminal Justice, Univ. of Alabama and the author of the study on mass shootings.

This segment was originally broadcast on August 27, 2015.

Four minors were arrested over the weekend in Tuolumne(Too-all-ah-mee), a town 120 miles East of San Francisco in California. The teens, who were all boys, are students at Summerville High School and were suspected of plotting a mass shooting at their school, similar to the scope of the recent tragedy at Umpqua College in rural Oregon where 7 people were killed by a Southern California raised white man named Chris Harper-Mercer.

The Oregon shooting shocked the nation just as so many other mass shootings have. The gunman, who killed himself in the course of the shooting, apparently left behind a note that was described by authorities as “rambling,” with “racial overtones.” He reportedly asked people’s religion before shooting them, and was known to have sympathized with the Irish Republican Army.

President Obama, responded with strong words about the massacre. He spoke twice in as many days about the shooting, saying, “We’ve got to make a decision, if we think that’s normal, then we have to own it. I don’t think it’s normal. I think it’s abnormal. I think we should change it, but I can’t do that on my own.”

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