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How Climate Activists Subverted The Green Zone in Paris

GUEST: Liddy Nakpil, Coordinator of Asian People’s Movement on Debt and Development, from the Philippines.

Next door to the COP21 meeting, the UN and the French government built an official gathering space for members of civil society to use called Espaces Generations Climat, or Climate Generation Space. It was unofficially referred to as “the Green Zone,” as opposed to “the blue zone” where the official COP21 talks were held. The space was open to those who were unable to get accreditation to the climate conference.

Like the Climate Action Zone which we heard about earlier, it hosted a number of booths representing climate justice organizations, but it was also dominated by corporate and technological companies proffering their solutions to climate change.

Unlike the Climate Action Zone, the Climate Generation Space was a tightly controlled area where activists were allowed to have discussions as long as they did not disrupt the talks. Once in a while, however, the climate justice activists present decided to break the rules.

Watch a video of Sonali’s report here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MPz3zzPGico.