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How Climate Justice Activists Are Organizing Outside COP21

GUEST: Eros Sana, French activist, member of Zone d’Ecologie Populaire (ZEP).

In the days following a historic agreement in Paris to curb greenhouse gas emissions, a strong contradiction has emerged between those who claim it is a major victory for the planet and most climate justice activists who see it as a death sentence.

That contradiction was in full view at the 2 week COP21 meeting in Paris, France. I had the privilege of reporting from the latter part of the talks for Truthdig.com. On today’s show I’m proud to present some of that reporting.

We begin with a conversation I had with a French activist named Eros Sana, who discussed his organizing work in France, as well as the December 12 march.

Watch a video of Sonali’s report here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1-t4k2Srrvo.