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Los Angeles Based Artist ‘Plastic Jesus’ Makes Strong Statements About Hollywood’s Whiteness

GUEST: Plastic Jesus, Los Angeles based artist.

In just a couple of weeks, the 88th Annual Academy Awards will be held in Los Angeles, at a ceremony that will be marked by an almost overwhelmingly white cast of nominated actors. Awards Emcee Chris Rock is expected to weigh in comedically on the issue through the televised and highly popular event.

The Academy’s whiteness has become a political issue every year for the past few years, prompting the social media hashtag #oscarsowhite.

My guest has taken it several steps further. An artist who calls himself Plastic Jesus and who has been called the “Banksy of LA,” has created a provocative artistic installation of a wall that features two bathroom vanities, a fancy one labeled “White,” and a bare sink labeled “Colored.”

See more installations here www.Plasticjesus.net. He’s also on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.