Mar 07 2016

How White Americans Can Best Express Solidarity With Black Lives Matter

GUESTS: Devonte Jackson, Bay Area organizer with the Black Alliance for Just Immigration, and Robbie Clark, Housing Rights Campaign lead organizer with Just Cause, both are activists with Bay Area Black Lives Matter.

The Black Lives Matter movement has become the most important political movement in the country in just a year and a half. Activists have pushed the narrative on police violence in social media, crashed election campaign events, and influenced the debate on criminal justice, the prison industry, and the on-going racism in American society.

How can non-blacks, in particular, white Americans, best express solidarity with this movement? Past movements for racial justice have been multi-racial and that has been a major strength.

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One Response to “How White Americans Can Best Express Solidarity With Black Lives Matter”

  1. Tammy Murphyon 08 Mar 2016 at 10:37 am

    We, Caucasians need to learn to listen, to fall back and hear other perspectives, to support in ways that we are asked to support not just in ways that are already comfortable for us, and we need to teach other Caucasians.