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Are Texas and Indiana Returning Us to the Age of the Coat Hanger?

GUEST: Jessica Pieklo, Vice President of Law and the Courts at RH Reality Check.

Much is at stake in a Supreme Court case over a Texas abortion law. The nation’s highest court heard oral arguments last week in Whole Women’s Health v. John Hellerstedt. The case challenges the restrictions placed on abortion clinics in Texas under a law called HB2. The law uses medical arguments to restrict women’s access in a state that has already decimated most of its clinics. Increasingly there are reports of women attempting abortions at home – an often life-risking exercise.

Meanwhile the state of Indiana passed a draconian anti-abortion bill last week that so severely curtails abortion access that it has left reproductive rights advocates horrified. Gov. Mike Pence is expected to sign it into law soon.

Since 2001 there have been 471 laws and regulations passed all over the country chipping away at women’s right to an abortion.

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