Mar 16 2016

The Brainwashing of My Dad

GUEST: Jen Senko, filmmaker of The Brainwashing of my Dad.

The rise of Donald Trump has confounded the country. If one had to describe a typical Trump supporter it would be a white American man who was angry. Very angry.

The businessman-turned-politician seems to be striking such a strong chord in some Americans that it seems unfathomable why so many would back a person who frequently lies, promotes racism, misogyny, and violence.

But watching Jen Senko’s new film, The Brainwashing of my Dad, it doesn’t seem terribly surprising. The film is about to be released theatrically.

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2 Responses to “The Brainwashing of My Dad”

  1. Kate Henkeon 16 Mar 2016 at 4:28 pm

    Love the interview! Sheds light on the current Trump issue!

    Thank you!


  2. mikeon 13 Jun 2016 at 8:11 am

    How can you be so dismissive of people that are supporting Trump? He isn’t conventional nor is he a great choice! Yet the reason people support him is not just white anger but actual concern for the direction of our nation!
    you guys tend to dismiss any white American that expresses concern about the demographic matter! Other that whites in western society no other race has the burden of rooting for their numbers to dwindle! The communist movement of Revolution isn’t some forward thinking exercise! It is becoming alarming that people not only think intimidating others for differences of opinion but is now leading to left wing violence blamed on trump!
    Not only are our values being mocked and tossed aside in this new brave world but Millions upon millions of Human with no allegiance to this country are being allowed in and to stay legal or not with no attempt at assimilation! Since communist perfected using terms like racist to stymie debate on subject that they have no real defense we are now experiencing attacks, Foreign flags being flown, our American Flag being burned in protest in this nation! Politicians saying no Illegal will qualify for Insurance and then signing into law the right to buy into it which will lead to free health care! We are seeing Americans being not only forced out of employment for Immigrants but we have to train them!
    We are seeing freedom of speech being attacked in the name of hate speech! We are seeing the attack of gun rights! Instead of scrutinizing incoming Muslims which is prudent we the communist attack right Americans as somehow stuck in the past!