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Jan 29 2015

Coming up on January 30, 2015

We’ll get an update on Greece as the new leftist Prime Minister Alexis Tspiras makes major economic and political waves in Europe. And, we’ll cover the police shooting of a 16-year old girl in Denver, Colorado, and the latest in the Florida case of Marissa Alexander. Plus, the National Priorities Project dissects President Obama’s new budget proposal and whether it really reflect middle class economics as he says. …

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Jan 28 2015

Coming up on January 29, 2015

As the Saudi Arabian Kingdom transitions power after the death of King Abdallah, we’ll examine the Gulf oil state’s human rights record and the US’s appalling hypocrisy. And, President Obama’s pick for Attorney General, Loretta Lynch, faces Senate confirmation hearings – we’ll find out what her record is, and what sort of AG she could be. Plus, another small town wins a victory against fracking – Carson, CA. We’ll speak with a local activist about …

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Jan 27 2015

Coming Up on January 28, 2015

We’ll turn to journalist Marcy Wheeler to examine the implications of Jeffrey Sterling’s verdict. Sterling is a former CIA officer, convicted on 9 counts of violating the Espionage Act. And, Larry Siems joins us in studio to discuss the book he edited, Guantanamo Diary by Mohamedou Ould Slahi. Slahi’s lawyer Nancy Hollander will also speak with us about the Guantanamo prisoner. …

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Jan 26 2015

Coming Up on January 27, 2015

As Egypt commemorates the 4th anniversary of the Tahrir Square protests with blood and repression, we’ll turn to Middle East expert and journalist Thanassis Cambanis to discuss his brand new book, Once Upon a Revolution: An Egyptian Story. And, we’ll hear from Mumia Abu Jamal on the latest in Yemen as its revolution also hangs in the balance. Then, here in the US, the Supreme Court has decided to take up the Fair Housing Act …

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Jan 23 2015

Coming up on January 26, 2015

We’ll examine the results of the Greek elections, where a major leftist party is poised to win power. What could it mean for Europe? And, we’ll speak with Eric Kingson, the co-author of Social Security Works! Why Social Security isn’t Going Broke And How Expanding It Will Help Us All. Plus, we’ll get a roundup on the latest news in global warming with our new climate correspondent Michael Dorsey. …

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Jan 22 2015

Coming up on January 23, 2015

We’ll cover political violence in Bangladesh as dozens are killed and more than 7000 arrested, with my guest Tania Rashid, an independent journalist. And, we’ll go live to Montana to speak with Alexis Bonogofksy, of the National Wildlife Federation , who lives near the Yellowstone River and will give us a report on a major oil spill this week. Finally, Paul Kiel of Propublica will share his latest investigative research on non-profit hospitals and …

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Jan 21 2015

Coming up on January 22, 2015

We’ll find out what’s behind the latest spat between House Speaker John Boehner and President Obama’s on a visit from Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. My guest Ramzy Baroud will join us. And, we’ll turn to Kevin Gosztola on the trial of Jeffrey Sterling, a former CIA operative, involved in a bizarre program called Project Merlin. Plus, as measles once more threatens to turn into an epidemic in the US, we’ll speak with Arthur Allen …

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Jan 20 2015

Coming up on January 21, 2015

Acclaimed economist and author Nomi Prins will join us live in studio to comment on President Obama’s 6th State of the Union. And, we’ll turn to Peter Bratsis to examine Greece where the left Syriza party is poised to take power, upsetting the European order. Plus, Tom Finn, writer for Middle East Eye joins us to dissect events in Yemen as a major rebellion threatens to dissolve the government.

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Jan 16 2015

Coming Up on January 20, 2015

We’ll go to Paris, France, to speak with Al Jazeera’s Hakeem Muhammad, about the sweep of arrests of Muslim immigrants in Europe and the historical and political context of immigrant communities. And, we’ll have a debate between blogger and critic Rania Khalek, and Jim Defelice, co-author of American Sniper: The Autobiography of the Most Lethal Sniper in U.S. Military History. Plus activist and film maker Holly Mosher joins us in studio on the fifth anniversary …

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Jan 15 2015

Coming up on January 16, 2015

We’ll examine the possibility of legal action against Bill Cosby for the numerous allegations of rape and sexual abuse. Our guests are acclaimed attorney Gloria Allred who is representing some of the victims, and blogger and writer Mikki Kendall, about her hashtag campaign, #SolidarityIsForRapists. Plus, we’ll unveil an exclusive excerpt of a newly discovered, previously lost speech by Martin Luther King Jr. given in London in 1964, and preserved only in the Pacifica Radio …

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