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Dec 18 2014

Analysis of Renewed US Diplomatic Relations with Cuba, Human Rights Violations and Racism

The US restores diplomatic relations with Cuba in a historic move that surprised everyone. After more than 50 years the US will establish an embassy in Cuba. Still, the embargo that has debilitated Cuba’s economy will remain in place – for now. We’ll speak with Bill Fletcher Jr. about the significance of this thawing of relations with Cuba and much more.

The US yesterday made an historic announcement on its relationship with Cuba. After more …

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Dec 17 2014

Max Blumenthal Reports on Israel’s Occupation, the Devastated-Wreaked Gaza and US’s Responsibility

A Jordanian backed UN Security Council resolution today called for an end to Israel’s occupation of the Palestinian territories. Jordan is currently serving on the Security Council. Predictably US Secretary of State John Kerry indicated the US would veto the resolution. But momentum is mounting world wide. A day earlier Kerry had met with Palestinian officials in London eager to lay the foundation of a Palestinian state. On the same day, the European Parliament voted …

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Dec 15 2014

A Talk with Juan Cole about the CIA’s Torture Report, Islamic State, Palestine

Professor John Yoo, famous for authorizing what became known as the Bush-era “torture memos,” says even he can’t get behind the CIA’s definition of “enhanced interrogation” methods. In the 500+ page release of a Senate Intelligence Committee report on the CIA’s treatment of prisoners during the post 9-11 years, horrific practices such as “rectal feeding,” said on CNN, “If these things happened as they’re described in the report … they were not supposed to be …

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Dec 12 2014

Tales of the Grim Sleeper: A Documentary of How a Serial Killer Terrorized a South LA Community

Los Angeles in the 1980s and 90s, was an epicenter of violence and drugs. The worst impacted part of the city was South Los Angeles, where a spate of murders of mostly young black women went unsolved for decades. And then, nearly four years ago, a man by the name of Lonnie Franklin Jr. was arrested in connection to the murders of a number of women who were shot with a .25 mm gun. Franklin …

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Dec 11 2014

CIA Torture Report’s Ripple Effect Continues

After many months of battling the CIA, the Senate Intelligence Committee finally won the right to make public, an Executive Summary of a ground breaking report detailing the extent of interrogation methods used on 9-11 era prisoners of war. The Agency fought tooth and nail to keep the report secret, saying it would have repercussions on US troops worldwide. The Obama Administration sided with the CIA on secrecy. And, in the last days ahead of …

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Dec 10 2014

Professor John A. Powell Links Corporate Power and Black Disenfranchisement, Republican Party and Racist Policies

The epidemic of police killings of unarmed Black men seems to have not waned in the least, even if protesters are out on city streets in full force, denouncing police brutality. A 28-year old unarmed African American man named Cedric Bartee was fatally shot over the weekend in Orlando, Florida. Sargent Robert McCarthy, of the Orange County Sheriff’s Department, fired a shots at Bartee after locating a stolen car. According to CBS News, “Law enforcement …

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Dec 09 2014

News Flash: CIA Torture Report to Be Released, UNICEF: Devastating Year for Children, Fewer Immigrants Deported

Uprising’s guest expert Robert Jensen, an author and professor of Journalism at the University of Texas at Austin, analyzes today’s news headlines:

Outgoing Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel is visiting Iraq – the first visit by such a high-ranking official since US troops officially withdrew from the country in late 2011. Hagel’s trip symbolizes the return of overt US involvement in Iraq with the war against Sunni rebel forces calling themselves the Islamic State. Hagel told …

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Dec 09 2014

Making the Links between US War, Torture, Detention Abroad, and Police Brutality, Mass Incarceration at Home

Former President George W. Bush has joined the growing ranks of critics opposed to the release of the CIA’s torture tactics as compiled in a report by the Senate Intelligence Committee. The report, years in the making, and held up by the CIA, fueled tensions between Senators and the Agency, but is expected to be released today. In anticipation of the backlash the military expects it will generate, thousands of troops stationed around the country …

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Dec 08 2014

Seeing the Big Picture on Police Violence in the US

Protests over the killings of unarmed black men by police continued over the weekend in cities around the country. The non-indictments of the police officers whose actions directly led to the killings of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, and Eric Garner in New York, have indicted a firestorm of anger in communities that have for years struggled to call attention to police abuse and killings. In Berkeley hundreds of people gathered in front of the …

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Dec 05 2014

US Supports Mexico in the Protest for Human Rights

It’s been more than two months since 43 students from Ayotzinapa disappeared in the neighboring town of Iguala in the Mexican state of Guerrero. The case sparked a massive wave of protests in Mexico where people have for years watched as thousands of their loved ones have been kidnapped, killed or disappeared. While the 43 students in question have yet to be located, their disappearance has exposed insidious ties between government officials and drug cartels. …

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