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Aug 28 2015

Understanding Mass Incarceration: A People’s Guide to the Key Civil Rights Struggle of our Time

GUEST: James Kilgore, adjunct instructor of global studies and urban planning at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, author of Understanding Mass Incarceration: A People’s Guide to the Key Civil Rights Struggle of our Time.

The United States imprisons more people than anyone else in the world hands down. Not only is the absolute number of people we imprison greater than any other nation, but we also lead in the percentage of …

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Aug 28 2015

US National Parks Have a Sordid History of Violent Displacement

GUEST: Julian Brave NoiseCat is the Native Issues Fellow at The Huffington Post and a member of the Canim Lake Band Tsq’escen in British Columbia, where he was nominated to run for Chief in 2014.

An organization known as Survival International has launched a campaign criticizing conservation efforts in the US and abroad. On the surface this sounds extremely regressive. But the campaign, dubbed “Stop the Con,” makes the case that conservation …

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Aug 28 2015

An Ordinary Ugandan Doing Extraordinary Work

GUEST: Bukenya Muusa, founder and program director of Volunteer Action Network in Northern Uganda.

Uganda is a relatively small landlocked country in East Africa bordering Kenya, South Sudan and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. For decades the country has been ruled formally by President Yoweri Museveni, and informally by the terror of the Lords Resistance Army (LRA).

Some years ago, a US-government backed campaign to capture Joseph Kony, the leader of …

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Aug 27 2015

Ted Rall Battles the LA Times, LAPD, & Publishes New Book on Snowden

GUEST: Ted Rall, award-winning political cartoonist and author of Snowden.

Award winning political cartoonist and commentator Ted Rall is juggling multiple stories these days. There’s the story of his own entanglements with the Los Angeles Times and how the LAPD convinced the paper to stop hiring him over a long-ago encounter with cops. And then there’s the new book he has just published about Edward Snowden called simply Snowden.

Both stories are …

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Aug 27 2015

Study of Mass Shootings Yields Obvious Conclusion: More Guns = More Gun Deaths

GUEST: Adam Lankford, Professor in Dept. of Criminal Justice, Univ. of Alabama and the author of the study on mass shootings.

The shooting of a reporter and her cameraman on live television near Roanoke, Virginia yesterday morning has brought to the fore front yet again, the scourge of gun violence. Twenty four year old Alison Parker and 27-year old Adam Ward were in the middle of an interview outdoors at a water …

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Aug 27 2015

India Riots: Privileged Patels Use Caste Supremacy To Demand … More Privileges

GUEST: Thenmozhi Soundararajan, a Dalit-American filmmaker and Transmedia artist, co-founder of the international women’s media technology collective, Third World Majority.

At least three people have been killed in the Indian state of Gujarat over caste-related protests. Upper caste Gujaratis, known as Patels or the Patidar community, have brought their state’s main city, Ahmedabad, to a stand-still over what they perceive as unfair treatment.

India’s affirmative action programs aimed at tribal and Dalit …

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Aug 26 2015

Media Bias Hypes Up Importance of Stock Market Fluctuations

GUEST: Sean McElwee, research associate at Demos, whose latest article is entitled, “What If We Reported On Poverty The Way We Report On The Stock Market?

The US stock market recovered after a major plunge this Monday, reacting to Chinese stock values dropping. While the health of the US economy has been much vaunted, Wall Street has disproportionately borne the fruits of a recovery.

Even when the official unemployment rate falls, …

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Aug 26 2015

Activists Release Comprehensive Plan to Reduce Police Brutality

GUEST: Deray McKesson is an activist and organizer, Founder and Co-Editor of the Ferguson Protestor Newsletter, member of the planning team for Campaign Zero.

More than a year after the Ferguson Uprising in Missouri launched a modern public debate about police brutality against African Americans, a group of activists have put forward a detailed plan on how to try to solve the problem.

Launched on an impressive online platform the so-called Read more

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Aug 26 2015

10 Years After Hurricane Katrina, Justice Elusive

GUEST: Monique Harden, Co-Director & Attorney with Advocates for Environmental Human Rights.

Ten years ago, on August 26th 2005, a major storm named Hurricane Katrina emerged into the Gulf of Mexico and began gathering strength. Within three days it made landfall in southeast Louisiana as a category 3 storm, after increasing to a category 5.

It was the immediate and long-term after of Katrina that resulted in one of the worst natural …

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Aug 25 2015

Most Persian Jews Back US-Iran Nuclear Deal

GUEST: Reese Erlich, veteran freelance foreign correspondent who has traveled widely across the Middle East and just returned from reporting for the Global Post from Iran. He has written a number of books including, Conversations with Terrorists: Middle East Leaders on Politics, Violence, and Empire.

The US Congress has until September 17th to ratify President Obama’s signature foreign policy achievement: the Iran nuclear deal. But, much uncertainly remains, mostly due to …

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