Apr 23 2014

Taking Back the People’s Platform: The Commercialization of Everything on the Internet

Here’s an interesting dilemma. Uprising’s Facebook page has 4,755 likes. That means that 4,755 of you have clicked the like button on our page because presumably you want to be able to read our posts and follow our links. But, every time we update the status on our page, we are told …

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Apr 22 2014

Genes and the Science of Self

Scientists are celebrating the success of a new experiment to make precision changes to the DNA of mice to cure a liver disease. The DNA “edits” as they are calling are the latest in a series of genetic studies that are part of a scientific revolution stemming from the Human Genome Project and …

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Apr 21 2014

Chris Hedges Endorses Campaign to Televise Uprising!

Veteran foreign correspondent, Pulitzer prize winning best-selling author Chris Hedges endorsed our campaign to televise Uprising. Join our campaign at www.indiegogo.com/projects/uprisingtv

Hi, I’m Chris Hedges author, with Joe Sacca, of Days of Destruction Days of Revolt. I would like to add my voice to the calls of support for KPFK’s effort to televise its morning program Uprising. I’m a huge fan of Uprising. It is one of the few shows to give a voice to those of us outside the mainstream, those of us who decry the ineffectiveness of our traditional liberal elites, including the Democratic Party and who fear the onslaught, both politically and environmentally of a global corporate totalitarianism, one that now operates the most pervasive security and surveillance apparatus in human history. Free Speech TV will, if you assist us, televise Uprising. This will allow my voice and the voices of others like me to reach perhaps millions more viewers. Thank you very much.

Join our campaign at www.indiegogo.com/projects/uprisingtv

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Apr 21 2014

Kill Anything That Moves: The Real American War in Vietnam

US government officials attended a ceremony in Da Nang, Vietnam this weekend along with Vietnamese officials to mark the next stage in a process to clean up the toxic legacy of Agent Orange. Agent Orange was a major weapon of chemical warfare used by the US during the Vietnam war.

Although the war …

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Apr 18 2014

Happy Birthday Blase Bonpane

This is a special birthday broadcast of Blase Bonpane on his life and work. If you want to wish him a happy birthday, please post a comment below. We’ll make sure Blase gets the message.

Renegade, revolutionary, activist, these are all words that describe Blase Bonpane. In his autobiography, “Imagine No Religion,” published in 2011 Bonpane shows himself as a man who …

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Apr 17 2014

The Unstoppable Ralph Nader

The book Unsafe at Any Speed made Ralph Nader a household name in 1965 when it was first published. Nader became known as the nation’s leading consumer advocate. His fight for auto safety regulations pushed car manufacturers to include basic safety features like seat belts, and eventually led to the creation of a …

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