Nov 16 2005

Uprising Weekly Program

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If you live outside Southern California and are an on-line listener of Uprising, or have heard of Uprising, find out how you can get Uprising’s nationally syndicated weekly edition on your local community radio station.

Contact the Program Director of your local community radio station and tell them you want to hear Uprising on their airwaves. If your station is an “affiliate” of Pacifica, Uprising’s weekly edition is already available for free each week through Pacifica’s Audioport at Your station’s Program Director should have access to Audioport and will be able to sample Uprising’s content.

Get the Uprising Weekly Edition Podcast

Find out if your local radio station is a Pacifica Affiliate.

If your station is not currently affiliated with Pacifica, you can ask your station’s Program Director to contact the Pacifica Affiliate Stations Coordinator, Ursula Ruedenberg at 510 812 7989, or Affiliate membership for a very reasonable annual fee, includes access to programs such as Uprising, Free Speech Radio News, Democracy Now, and many other national programs.

You can direct your station’s Program Director to contact us at mail [at] uprisingradio [dot] org. Or call us at 818-985-2711 x 219.

Talking Points:

Uprising began as a daily morning drive time show based at KPFK, Los Angeles, in Summer 2003.

The show has grown in popularity and responded to a national demand for community-based public affairs content, through it’s 1-hour weekly edition, available to all stations.

The weekly edition consists of the best of our national and international programming produced on our daily show.

What people are saying about Uprising.

Uprising’s weekly edition is a perfect fit for weekend public affairs programming, and is available for community stations nationwide. Regular features include: “The Black Commentator“, “Empire Notes” with Rahul Mahajan, and “Sonali’s Subversive Thought for the Day“.

Uprising is available by the end of each Friday on Pacifica’s Audioport ( Currently at least 5 stations carry Uprising: KRFP, WVJW, KPFT, WXOJ-LP, FRSC, and The Journey Radio (internet).

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