Oct 28 2011

Occupy Los Angeles: More Revolution, Less Party

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Occupy Oakland and Iraq Veterans Against the War called on people around the nation yesterday to hold vigils for Scott Olsen, the 24 year old Iraq vet who was critically injured by Oakland police on Tuesday. The Washington Post is now reporting that Olsen’s condition has been upgraded to “fair” and he remains in the Intensive Care Unit. Occupy Wall Street in New York organized a march around their City Hall last night with protesters chanting “New York is Oakland, Oakland is New York.” NYPD and New York Fire Department officials early this morning confiscated several generators and gas canisters from the campers at Zucotti Park in New York saying they were hazardous. No arrests were made. Here in Los Angeles, the Occupy LA encampment continues. In response to Mayor Villaraigosa’s statement this week that the tent city “cannot continue indefinitely,” the PR and Media Relations team at Occupy LA released a statement saying, “[a]s for a time stamp on our departure, there is none.”

Uprising host, Sonali Kolhatkar, went down to City Hall on Thursday afternoon to take a look at how Occupy LA was progressing and evolving: “There are now many more tents than before. The Catholic Worker served lunch to campers and homeless people alike. A 4-hour teach-in on the steps of City Hall was just beginning as I arrived, featuring singer Esai Morales, a representative of the South Central Farmers, and others. And, a second Medic tent was being set up, to treat basic and minor injuries.”

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