Nov 09 2011

Food for the Soul at Occupy LA: A Special Report

While major media has been camped out at a courthouse just across the street from LA city hall, fixated on the trial of Michael Jackson’s doctor, the Occupy Los Angeles encampment remains active. Yesterday the group marched to a branch of Bank of America at 7th and Figueroa in downtown LA, reportedly shutting down business there for some time. Today the coalition of community groups and labor unions organizing under the demand “Make the Banks Pay” will begin a march from the fountain at LA City Hall at 3pm. The action will call attention to budget cuts to public education and city services. Today, in our on-going coverage of the local arm of this growing national movement, we focus on how community is being created through food. Occupy LA food volunteers work from 7am to 7pm to feed everyone who needs to eat, a number one volunteer estimates is 1500 people a day. Feeding the Occupiers requires compliance with city food handling laws and coordination with various city eateries who donate food. Many individuals also bring snacks and home-made meals for the protestors. Breaking from a political analysis of the movement, Lydia Breen and Sam Breen visited the Occupy LA camp over the weekend to find out how the community is feeding itself and filed this special report for Uprising, which opens with Anastasia Krylov, a member of the food committee, explaining how she got involved with Occupy LA.

Report filed by: Lydia Breen and Sam Breen are founders of “The Trailer Trash Project”, a mobile creative lab based in a vintage trailer. You can visit the trailer and tell them your stories about hunger at Cornerstone Theater Company’s “A Word on the Street” Sunday, Nov. 20 12-4pm, in the downtown LA Arts District .

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