Jun 19 2012

Egypt Elections Precursor to Showdown Between Military And Muslim Brotherhood

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Mohammad Morsi of the Muslim Brotherhood claimed victory in the weekend’s Presidential run off election in Egypt. According to initial poll results Morsi garnered 52% of the popular vote, beating former Prime Minister Ahmad Shafik. Shafik has accused Morsi of “hijacking” the election, saying he won. The Supreme Council of the Armed Forces announced immediately after the election that it would continue to retain power. Regardless of who is accepted as the President-elect, the winner will enjoy little leeway, having had the office of President stripped of much power. Egypt’s future President will have to have every law ratified by the Supreme Council. Field Marshal Hussein Tantawi who heads the Council, has promised to hand power to a civilian authority by July 1st.

In fact, just days before the election, the military had dissolved Egypt’s Parliament and vowed to take over the drafting of a new constitution, in a move that provoked charges of a military coup. Post-election tensions are leading to a major political showdown between the military and the Muslim Brotherhood.

Meanwhile the Obama administration, which had endorsed the July 1st military handover of power, issued strong words on Monday, saying “We are particularly concerned by decisions that appear to prolong the military’s hold on power.”

GUEST: Sherif Gaber, live from Cairo, working with the Mosireen Media Collective, was active with the group No Military Trials for Civilians

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