Aug 06 2012

UPDATE: Pacifica Temporarily Restores Uprising Staff!

Pacifica management has decided to hire a new Assistant Producer for Uprising after it became clear that the program could not continue with just one full-time paid staffer. Uprising is pleased to announce the hire of one if its interns, Bipasha Shom, who will temporarily be filling the Assistant Producer position.

Uprising will resume in it’s regular hour-long format on Friday August 10th, 2012.

Citing ‘Austerity Measures,’ Pacifica Cuts Uprising Staff by Half – 08/06/12

On the eve of Uprising’s 9th anniversary, Pacifica Executive Director Arlene Engelhardt has decided to cut Uprising’s Assistant Producer position, leaving host and Executive Producer Sonali Kolhatkar to manage the popular 5 day-a-week drive time program on her own. Despite being informed of a temporary medical condition Kolhatkar is struggling with, Engelhardt disregarded the requests of KPFK’s local managers and decided to cut the union position.

Until recently the position was filled by Martina Steiner who resigned to pursue a graduate degree. Steiner worked closely with Kolhatkar to share the day-to-day responsibilities of producing a high-quality daily program. Uprising is also syndicated to over 14 community stations around the country, contributes daily segments to KPFA’s morning show, Upfront, and maintains a strong internet presence. Engelhardt’s decision to cut the program’s staff in half threatens all these aspects of Uprising’s impressive reach.

KPFK’s managers have expressed full support for Uprising and a desire to hire a new assistant producer for the show. Additionally, KPFK is currently fiscally sound and hiring a new assistant producer for Uprising will not have any financial impact on the station.

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One Response to “UPDATE: Pacifica Temporarily Restores Uprising Staff!”

  1. REkzkaRZ.comon 07 Aug 2012 at 5:22 am

    I will email Arlene — but why is she determined to cripple all these shows (she hurt KPFA’s Morning Show awhile back) before she is kicked out?
    Her terms is up & she’s getting the boot — I guess she feels a need to leave her (nasty anti-worker) mark?
    It’s unfortunate & crass.
    Bad Director! Bad Director! Stop trying to damage your workplace!