Nov 07 2012

Day After the Election: Live Reports from Swing States

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Some early voters in Florida stood in line for up to six hours trying to cast their vote as voting hours were severely curtailed by Republican Governor Rick Scott. On voting day, polls stayed open until midnight to accommodate long lines of voters. 12,000 Florida voters in Pinellas County had mistakenly received a robocall from a State election official telling them that election day was on Wednesday instead of Tuesday.

GUEST: Yulissa Arce, Florida State Coordinator for Mi Familia Vota Education Fund


Confusion among voters about photo ID laws in Pennsylvania led to widespread problems in the State. Voters were asked to produce photo ID in Philadelphia in violation of State law. Registered voters also complained of names missing from voter rolls. One voter posted a youtube video showing a voting machine repeatedly changed a vote from Obama to Romney in central Pennsylvania.

GUEST: Yvette Nunez, Spokesperson and VP of Fundraising and External Affairs at the Congreso De Latino Unidos


In Ohio, a state where 1.8 million had filed absentee ballots, 33,000 of those who applied for those ballots were wrongly turned away by the state claiming they had not registered. Allegations of voting machine tampering led to a lawsuit filed against Republican Secretary of State Jon Husted. But a US District Judge stated that the claims were “speculative”.

GUEST: Petee Talley, convener of Ohio Unity Coalition and Secretary Treasurer of the Ohio AFL-CIO


In Wisconsin there were reports of voting machine problems. Voting machines malfunctioned in Milwaukee during the city’s busiest voting time. High voter turnout throughout the State led to long waits for voters.

GUEST: Stacy Harbaugh, Communications Director of the Madison area office of the ACLU of Wisconsin


Finally, also joining us from Florida is Katherine Culliton-Gonzalez, Voter Protection Program Director with the Advancement Project to discuss how access to the ballot compared to previous elections and what’s next.

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