Nov 19 2012

Film maker Jeff Orlowski on his Award Winning Film, Chasing Ice

A new documentary called “Chasing Ice” by Director Jeff Orlowski focuses on rapidly melting glaciers, which provide one of the most tangible measures of the effects of global warming. The beautifully photographed film follows environmental photographer James Balog and his small crew on their Herculean attempt to capture disappearing glaciers using time lapse cameras set up around the world.

The film powerfully captures the crumbling of 30,000 year old glaciers like dust before our eyes, as well as Balog’s single minded journey to document the ice melt despite his own health issues. “Chasing Ice” is visual proof that the melting of our planet’s 160,000 glaciers will eventually lead to higher sea levels and changed ocean circulation ultimately resulting in more severe weather patterns.

On November 19, 2012, Uprising host Sonali Kolhatkar interviewed Jeff Orlowski, Director, Producer and Cinematographer of Chasing Ice.

Watch a video of the interview here:

Chasing Ice opened on Friday November 16th 2012 at the Orange County and Lancaster Landmark Theaters. It opens this Friday November 23rd, 2012 at the Nuart Landmark in Los Angeles.

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Bipasha Shom recorded this interview.

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