Dec 03 2012

Non-Union Fast Food Workers Walk Off Jobs in NY

The Walmart Black Friday strikes seem to have had a ripple effect on low wage workers around the country. Workers at McDonald’s, Burger King, Wendy’s and other major fast food chains went on a coordinated strike for the first time in history this past Thursday in New York City. About 200 of the 50,000 fast food workers in the city walked off their jobs demanding better wages and the right to unionize. While Jim Skinner the CEO of McDonald’s made $8.8 million dollars in income last year, the average fast food worker in New York made about $11,000 with an hourly wage of $7.25. New York Communities for Change or NYCC has been organizing the one day protest for several months. Josh Westin the lead organizer with NYCC said, “Taxpayers are footing the bill for what corporations should be paying their workers. . . What we hope the strike accomplishes in the future is that it galvanizes more workers.” More actions are planned for the future.

GUEST: Josh Eidelson, a Nation contributor and union organizer for five years. He also covers labor issues for Salon

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