Dec 06 2013

Battle for Haditha Film Depicts Chilling Aspect of US War

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While the US is desperately negotiating a status-of-forces agreement with Afghanistan, some are drawing comparisons with the US withdrawal of forces from Iraq almost exactly two years ago. That withdrawal was precipitated in part by the Iraqi government’s refusal to grant legal immunity to US soldiers accused of war crimes.

US soldiers were implicated in numerous execution style massacres of Iraqi civilians, including children, during the 8 year long occupation. One of the most infamous of these was the ‘Haditha Massacre,’ as it’s called.

In 2005, 24 Iraqi men, women, and children were killed by a number of US Marines in retaliation for one Marine who was killed by a roadside bomb. The US Marines attempted to cover up the incident but eventually trials were held. In the end, all charges were dismissed and none of the Marines implicated in the massacre served jail time.

British film maker Nick Broomfield brought the story of what happened, to life, in a critically acclaimed film called The Battle for Haditha. Filmed in Jordan with non-professional actors, and even former Marines, the story of what happened in 2005 is told in a mock documentary style, earning such accolades as this quote from the Financial Times: “There will be no better film about war.”

KPFK is hosting a special screening of the film on Saturday December 14th at the Downtown Independent Theater.

GUEST: Elliot Ruiz, former US Marine who played the part of Corporal Ramirez

KPFK is hosting a free screening of “Battle for Haditha” on Saturday December 14th at 12:30pm at the Downtown Independent Theatre, 251 S. Main St. Los Angeles, CA 90012

The screening will be followed by a Q&A with:the film maker Nick Broomfield;actors Elliot Ruiz, Eric Mehalacopoulos, Andrew McLaren, Vernon Gaines, Thomas Hennesey, all Marines who star in the film; Jackie Goldberg, Tom Hayden, and Margaret Prescod, will also be at the event.

Click here to make reservations to attend a Free Screening of Battle for Haditha.

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