Dec 09 2013

A Family Business With a Mission: Laemmle Theaters Celebrate 75 Years

There aren’t too many family owned businesses that can survive for 75 years. There’s even fewer that can do it with integrity. But the Laemmle Arthouse theater chain of Southern California is one such enterprise.

Founded in 1938 by two brothers named Kurt and Max Laemmle with their first movie house in Highland Park, the company today operates a total of 7 Laemmle theaters in the greater Los Angeles area.

Synonymous with Laemmle are movies on the cutting edge: foreign films, films with radical political or artistic themes, documentaries, independent films, and more. The Laemmles are the home of the film maker as an artist and an activist. And for politically and culturally astute listeners like KPFK’s it is one of the few venues that offers a variety that is decidedly more challenging than the mainstream.

Celebrating their 75th Anniversary, Laemmle Theaters has announced a benefit Gala Dinner on December 17th and a raffle for the general public whose prizes include an annual film pass for two, a private screening for 100, gift cards, and more. There is also a book being published in conjunction with the anniversary called “Not Afraid…75 Years of Film Exhibition in L.A” which will be available to raffle ticket buyers.

GUEST: Greg Laemmle is the President of the Laemmle Theaters. It was his grandfather Max and his granduncle Kurt Laemmle who founded the theater chain.

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