Mar 24 2014

What is At Stake in Supreme Court’s McCutcheon Ruling?

In what some are calling Citizens United Part 2, the US Supreme Court will make a landmark ruling on the case McCutcheon v. FEC this week. If the Court rules in favor of McCutcheon, caps on individual donations to federal officeholders will be completely removed, eviscerating the last vestiges of untainted elections.

Filing his case last fall, Republican businessman Shaun McCutcheon, an electrical engineer from Alabama, argued that his First Amendment Rights were being violated. Under current election laws, a federal officeholder can solicit and an individual donor can contribute no more than $48,600 in all federal elections and $74,600 to all party committees and PACs.

A ruling favorable to McCutcheon would allow federal officeholders and candidates using Joint Fundraising Committees to solicit and individual donors to contribute more than $1 million each to the national parties. It would overturn 40 years of the Supreme Court upholding limits on individual contributions.

Activists in cities around the country including here in LA, who want an end to the influence of big money in politics, have planned demonstrations as soon as the ruling is announced.

GUESTS: Jonah Minkoff-Zern is Senior Organizer of Public Citizen’s Democracy Is For People Campaign, Holly Mosher is the organizer for the Los Angeles McCutcheon rally and the Executive Producer of Pay 2 Play a film about the American electoral system

Visit for more information.

Activists in Los Angeles are planning to gather at 5 pm on the day of the ruling on the corner of Wilshire and Veteran. Register to attend the demonstration at for more information. Text ‘mccutcheon’ to 313131 to receive updates about the protests.

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