Mar 28 2014

Big Men Exposes the Colliding Worlds of Texas Oil Men, Nigerian Militants, and Ghana’s New Oil Industry

A new documentary chronicling the worlds of Texas oil executives, Nigerian government officials, and armed militants, shows how competing interests over resources and power can warp whole nations.

Rachel Boyton’s documentary, Big Men, executive produced by actor Brad Pitt, follows in parallel the story of Nigeria’s well-established oil industry, and Ghana’s new foray into the business of selling oil to foreign investors.

An American company called Kosmos, wins a lucrative contract with Ghana’s government. With intimate access to the executives of Kosmos and the armed insurgents of Nigeria, Boyton exposes backroom wheeling and dealing in a way that is rarely seen on the big screen.

Big Men opens on Friday March 28th at the Sundance Sunset Cinema in Hollywood, 8000 Sunset Blvd.

GUEST: Rachel Boynton, director of Big Men; her earlier film is called Our Brand is Crisis

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