Apr 25 2014

FCC Considers Killing Net Neutrality… Again

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Imagine an internet where you could only look at websites owned by groups wealthy enough to pay hefty fees to their internet service provider. While you would have easy access to corporate owned websites, other smaller groups with fewer resources would be marginalized by slower internet speeds or be completely unable to have a web presence.

This depressing scenario may soon become a reality as revealed in a disturbing news leak on Wednesday that the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is planning on dismantling the practice of ‘net neutrality’ or free and equal access to the internet.

Tom Wheeler, a former telecom industry lobbyist and venture capitalist who is the current FCC Chairman has issued a statement reassuring concerned groups that ISPs would have to offer a baseline service to their customers but would be able to set up preferential deals if they acted in a “commercially reasonable manner subject to review on a case by case basis.” While telecom giants are cheering the proposed rules, consumer groups are extremely worried about diminishing access to the web for all American citizens.

GUEST:Jessica Gonzalez, executive vice president and general counsel at National Hispanic Media Coalition.

The FCC is accepting public comments at openinternet@fcc.gov

Visit the National Hispanic Media Coalition online at www.nhmc.org.

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