May 09 2014

Crisis in the Congo: A Conversation with Maurice Carney

US Secretary of State John Kerry during his recent tour of Africa, stopped at the Democratic Republic of the Congo to deliver a message to two-term president Joseph Kabila. Kerry wants to offer Congo $30 million in aid but on the condition that Kabila will not seek a third term.

The DRC has been the site of killings on a massive scale of genocidal proportions. It is estimated that at least 6 million people have been killed since 1996. While the world commemorated the 20th anniversary of the Rwandan Genocide, little was noted in the mainstream media about the role that the post-genocide government of Rwanda, backed by the US, has played in the Congolese killings. In fact, analysts contend that Rwanda and Uganda, both of which neighbor Congo, act as proxy armies for the West in the mineral-rich nation.

The unimaginable death toll in Congo, along with the mass rapes of women, are rarely discussed in Congress or the US media. Congo’s mineral riches power industries all over the globe.

GUEST: Maurice Carney is a US-based activist and the co-founder and Executive Director of the Friends of the Congo. He has done solidarity work with Congolese for more than 15 years.

Carney will be speaking alongside Dr. Gerald Horne at an event tomorrow afternoon organized by Sojourner Truth and KPFK. Click here for details of the event.

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  1. D J Lutulaon 14 May 2014 at 6:05 am

    If we have the power to promote peace world wide and choose not to act then we are the architect of the destruction
    of our planet earth