Jul 17 2014

Analyzing Nativist Responses to Child Migration from the KKK to Glenn Beck

The influx of thousands of Central American child migrants at the US border has prompted a resurgence in Nativist tinged protests in various cities. It began with Murrieta, Southern California where protestors barricaded buses carrying women and children immigrants, preventing them from being processed at nearby facilities. In Oracle, Arizona, this week protestors lined the streets in hopes of averting dozens of detained child immigrants expected to be temporarily housed there.

Even more dramatic, in Vassar, Michigan, a group called Michiganders for Immigration Control and Enforcement led protesters, some of whom were armed with rifles and guns, carrying “Don’t Tread on Me Signs,” to a facility that was rumored to be housing migrant children.

On the more extreme end of the spectrum is the militia group calling itself Operation Secure Our Borders, led by a man named Chris Davis has made a call to drive migrants back over the border at gun point, saying in an online video, “Get back across the border of you will be shot.” And, even the Ku Klux Klan is coming out of the woodwork. In rural South Carolina, members of the KKK have made attempts to persuade youth to join them in their anti-immigrant efforts by passing out bags of candy.

Throwing a wrench into it all is Glenn Beck, the conservative broadcaster, who delivered toys to undocumented children, saying he had a, “responsibility to God to put aside politics and help the people in need.” Some see Beck’s action as a cynical ploy for media attention.

GUEST: Mark Potok is one of the country’s leading experts on extremist movements and is the editor-in-chief of the Southern Poverty Law Center’s award-winning, quarterly journal, the Intelligence Report, its Hatewatch blog, and its investigative reports.

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