Jul 18 2014

As Israeli Ground Troops Kill Civilians, A Live Report from Gaza

Israel has launched a ground invasion on Gaza just a day after killing four boys on a beach in an attack witnessed by international media. Thirty people have been reported killed since Israeli ground forces began attacking overnight, including three children and a baby. The overall death toll has now surpassed about 250.

Meanwhile the US government has simultaneously denounced some of the killings of children, while reasserting Israel’s “right to defend itself.”

International condemnation of Israel’s actions have reached an all-time high with the attack on Gaza being viewed as collective punishment and a serious war crime. We go now live to Gaza to speak with

GUEST: Nalan Al Sarraj, a Social Media Activist and blogger based in Gaza City.

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3 Responses to “As Israeli Ground Troops Kill Civilians, A Live Report from Gaza”

  1. carleneon 18 Jul 2014 at 10:06 am

    how dare you act like israel is bombing and killing “innocent children” why isn’t teh international world and america for that matter standing with a country defending itself against a group of people that never existed to begin with who bomb them daily and even during cease fires and who tortured and murdered 3 of their teenagers just a few weeks ago? When japan bombed pearl harbor we were quick to retaliate; but tell Israel not to defend herself? Israel has made every attempt to warn and advise the poplulation in that area that they were coming and the palestinians use their own people as shields, and you want to blame and call Israel the one in the wrong? are you people insane? The death toll is the fault of the palestinians not Israel; for using their own people as pawns and civilian homes for warfare activities. america should be ashame of herself not standing with Israel and so should the rest of the world. are you all blind or what? do you not know the truth that Israel has shown extreme patience in not retaliating hundreds of times and hundreds of their civilians have been killed as well since the palestinians target schools, cafes, businesses and bus lines, I’m a gentile and I know Israel is in the right to defend herself and swiftly with as much force as it takes to stop the “so called” palestinans from constant non provoked bombing of their streets, you all are crazy and printing lies and reporting lies saying israel is killing children God have mercy on you idiots.

  2. Quantum Leapon 18 Jul 2014 at 3:36 pm

    The violent ideological hallucinations of victims victimizing victims victimizing victims. Victims set against one another by the elite, dominant, pathological few. The horror! The horror! in the Heart of Darkness. God would not have allowed this horror, not by nature nor fellow human.

    In our current time, material lack is artificially created in order to dominate and do harm. There is enough for everyone. We have the ability, sustainably.

    The existential victimization of, the existential horrors of impermanence, biology, aloneness, narcissism, confusion, lack of understanding, inadequacy, fear, rage, and despair can also be peacefully navigated. We have the ability, joyfully.

  3. tyon 18 Jul 2014 at 10:24 pm

    This is racist Zionism hatred and must be stopped. Write your senators and demand our tax dollars be witheld from these murderers please.