Aug 15 2014

A Former Police Officer Speaks Out On Police Brutality and Racism

The officer who fatally shot 18 year old Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, has been finally identified by the police. An officer named Darren Wilson who has been on the police force for six years and has a clean record, was identified as the shooter. Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon yesterday announced that he was pulling all officers with the St. Louis County police from Ferguson. State and federal law enforcement will take their place.

Meanwhile, President Obama made a second statement on the situation in Ferguson. Yesterday, during a video conference from Martha’s Vineyard, in addition to an update on the situation in Iraq, Mr. Obama addressed Ferguson.

In Los Angeles, the parents of Ezell Ford, the 24-year old African American man who was shot in the back by LAPD, are planning to sue the department for violating their son’s civil rights. The Huffington Post, speaking with a witness to the shooting, is reporting that the LAPD officer shouted the words “Shoot him,” before Ford was shot three times in the back. He was already on the ground when he was shot. There is a protest this Sunday at 3 pm in front of the LAPD Headquarters in downtown LA.

Also in Southern California this week, a 36-year old African American man named Dante Parker, employed by the Daily Press, died while in the custody of San Bernardino County Sheriff’s deputies. He was stunned with a taser multiple times and died. Parker, who leaves behind a wife and 5 children, was biking in Victorville when he was stopped by a Deputy on suspicion of breaking and entering. Parker routinely biked in the area for exercise. His death is currently being investigated.

The Malcolm X Grassroots Movement, in its annual report on extrajudicial killings of African Americans, found that a black person in America is killed every 28 hours by the police or vigilantes. And USA Today, going through FBI records of officer-involved shootings, found that white police officers kill African Americans on average twice a week, as determined over a 7 year period ending in 2012. The paper admits that the numbers are likely an underestimate given that they are based on self-reporting.

GUEST: De Lacy Davis, is the founder and director of the group Black Cops Against Police Brutality

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