Nov 19 2015

Reflections on Paris, Beirut, Refugees, and War

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GUEST: Jordan Elgrably, founding director of The Markaz, Arts Center for the Greater Middle East. A writer, editor, curator and producer of public programs, Jordan is of Moroccan and French heritage.

The Islamic State in Syria and Iraq (ISIS) has declared that it carried out an attack on a Russian airplane carrying 224 people last month. The attack, which took place over the Egyptian Sinai peninsula, was apparently carried out using an innocuous looking can of soda and a tiny detonator, as per the group’s own admission in their English language magazine. The revelation comes in the week after devastating attacks that killed 129 people in France, 43 in Lebanon, and dozens in Iraq.

Meanwhile police in France say they have foiled a new attack being planned in the Paris business district. A raid in a residential neighborhood based on a tip-off resulted in two people dead, one apparently a woman who may have been a suicide bomber.

The response from Western leaders has seemingly been just as violent as ISIS likely expects and wants, with nearly 2 dozen US governors and many members of Congress using the attacks as a reason to refuse entry to Syrian refugees fleeing war. France has dramatically entered the US-led war on ISIS, bombarding supposed strongholds with relentless airstrikes.

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