Feb 11 2016

Obama Faces His Final Budget Challenge in Congress

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GUEST: Jasmine Tucker, senior research analyst at the National Priorities Project, formerly with the National Academy of Social Insurance, where she was the lead author of the groundbreaking study, Strengthening Social Security: What Do Americans Want?

The grey hairs that have sprouted on President Barack Obama’s head over 7 years could well be attributed to his long-drawn out and caustic battles with Republicans in Congress over his annual federal budget. Perhaps thrilled that it will be his last time doing so, Mr. Obama has just submitted the final budget proposal of his Presidency to Congress.

The New York Times’ Noam Scheiber characterized the budget as, “a concession that the major macroeconomic trends of the past two generations — particularly the loss of benefits that once went with formal employment relationships — are largely irreversible.” He continued that it, “falls well short of the crusading vision of government intervention ascendant in the Democratic Party through the campaign of Senator Bernie Sanders.”

But, according to the National Priorities Project, “The proposal is a mix of old and new, of longshot proposals and sure bets,” that, “emphasizes domestic initiatives but also pentagon spending and military force.”

Find out more about it at www.nationalpriorities.org.

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