Nov 13 2005

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Uprising Radio was founded in July 2003 by Sonali Kolhatkar, host and lead producer of Uprising. Uprising emphasizes connecting global issues with local ones. Simply informing listeners of the problems in the world and our communities is not enough – we hope to motivate our listeners to take an active role in their communities.

Uprising airs daily on KPFK, Pacifica in Southern California from 8-9 am on weekdays, Pacific Standard Time (If you live outside the Southern California area, you can listen to Uprising live every day by clicking here).

Uprising also has a Weekly Edition that uses the best of our national and international programming from the daily show. The Weekly Edition is syndicated nationally (find out how you can get Uprising’s Weekly Edition on your station – if you’re a listener – or a station Program Director).


Sonali Kolhatkar – Host, Executive Producer

 width= In March of 2002, Sonali Kolhatkar, a 27 year old software engineer from Caltech, with a background in Astrophysics, decided to make a career change. She tried out for a position as host and producer for KPFK’s Morning Show, a two hour daily public affairs program. Today she hosts and produces Uprising every weekday morning. Sonali had long been an activist on the side, speaking out on issues such as women’s rights and US foreign policy in Afghanistan and is one of the founders and the co-director of Afghan Women’s Mission. She was a listener of KPFK who took part in the activities of listeners to reclaim the Pacifica network. Sonali has served as a staff representative on the KPFK Local Station Board. She also served in 2004 on the Pacifica National Board of Directors as a staff director. Her first book about US foreign policy in Afghanistan, co-authored with her partner, James Ingalls, is entitled, “Bleeding Afghanistan: Washington, Warlords, and the Propaganda of Silence,” (Seven Stories, Fall 2006). Sonali is a web designer, artist, singer/song-writer, baker, and cook.

Bipasha Shom – Producer

Bipasha has a Master’s degree in Communications from the Annenberg School at the University of Pennsylvania. Her undergraduate work was in Cultural Anthropology at Cornell University’s College of Arts and Sciences.

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Jonathan Alexander – Sound Supervisor

Teddy Robinson – Live Show Engineer

 width= Teddy Robinson, engineer with Uprising since Oct 2005. Originally from Ohio. Favorite Hobbies: traveling, reading, writing, photography. Teddy also hosts a music show on KPFK Radio, called Stairway To Heaven, playing Classic Soul music Sunday Nights / Monday mornings-3 a.m.-5:30 a.m.

Frederico Garcia


Camilo A. Ramirez

 width= Camilo A. Ramirez is a Colombian filmmaker currently living in the US. As a Film Production Graduate from Cal State Northridge, Camilo has worked on several productions where he has put to work his production, sound mixing skills, and post-production knowledge. You can check some of his work at

Annie Mendoza

 width= Annie Mendoza, a UC Riverside alumni, received her B.A. in Sociology and Administrative Studies. Annie hosted the popular radio program “Feel the Music” on Chaffey College Radio while earning her Certificate and A.S. in Broadcasting and Cinema. Annie is pursuing her dream of becoming a radio personality and is very excited to be a part of the Uprising team!

Christian Beck

 width= A native Angeleno, Christian Beck comes from an entertainment industry family and has degrees in broadcasting and cinema production. Versed in the visual arts, he is presently producing a graphic novel adapted from a short film script.

Anna Buss

 width= Anna Buss has a print, online and television backgrounds. She earned a B.A. in Print Journalism from California State University Fullerton, and has worked for KCBS/KCAL television as a production assistant/video coordinator, as a web content editor for a local news organization, as well as a reporter for a national trade publication and magazines.


Michael Casey

 width= Michael Casey is a news researcher and NYC transplant. He believes journalism which confronts power is integral to a functional democracy. He has enjoyed confronting power with Uprising since 2011. When not analyzing the news he can be seen composing poetry as he walks his two dogs.

Jennifer McMartin

 width= Jennifer MacMartin is a college student double-majoring in sociology and journalism, and eventually hopes to pursue postgraduate education in feminist studies. Her main goal is “to empower young girls and women, and actively engage in progressive education to foster change.”

Darren White

Haia Rodwan

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Uprising’s Daily Edition is produced by Sonali Kolhatkar and Bipasha Shom.

Uprising’s website was designed and created by Sonali Kolhatkar.

Website maintenance by Sonali Kolhatkar and Bipasha Shom.

Facebook and Twitter feed maintained by Bipasha Shom.

Logo design by Sarita Kolhatkar.

Uprising’s theme song is by Quetzal.

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