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Apr 24 2015

Ending Extreme Inequality: An Economic Bill of Rights to Eliminate Poverty

GUEST: Scott Myers-Lipton, Professor of Sociology at San Jose State University, author of ‘Rebuild America: Solving the Economic Crisis Through Civic Works, and Social Solutions to Poverty: America’s Struggle to Build a Just Society’.

Scour the financial news and you’ll see upbeat headlines touting the higher-than expected profits of GM, Boeing, and Dow Chemical. Wall Street is celebrating, for it has bounced back! And, by the measures of stock prices and …

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Apr 17 2015

Acclaimed Activist Selma James Shares the Story of Tanzania’s Bold Experiment with African Collectivist Socialism: Ujamaa

GUEST: Selma James is a women’s and human rights activist, author of ‘Sex, Race and Class – The New Terms of Unity’, founder of the International Wages for Housework Campaign and coordinator of the Global Women’s Strike.

Scour the news about the African continent and more often than not, the news is bad. Whether it’s the spread of infectious diseases, the exploitation of resources, the corruption of governments, or the violence …

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Apr 14 2015

Tavis Smiley: My Journey with Maya

GUEST: Tavis Smiley, author of My Journey with Maya, and Death of a King; host and managing editor of Tavis Smiley on PBS, and The Tavis Smiley Show from Public Radio International, best-selling author who has written 18 books

It has been less than 11 months since one of the greatest American artists, Maya Angelou died. On May 28th 2014, the incredible singer, song-writer, poet, and activist died at the age …

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Apr 13 2015

On the Run: Fugitive Life in an American City

GUEST: Alice Goffman, author of On the Run: Fugitive Life in an American City

Most of us know the grim statistics of how many people the US imprisons: We have more people behind bars than any other nation on the planet and we are imprisoning more people now than we have ever done in the past. In the early 1970s, about 1 in every 1000 Americans was behind bars. Today, it’s …

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Apr 10 2015

Compañeras: Zapatista Women’s Stories

GUEST: Hilary Klein, author of Compañeras: Zapatista Women’s Stories.

Just as the stories of conquest and imperialism are almost always told through the eyes of men, the stories of rebellion and uprising are often seen through male eyes. Now, a new book by Hilary Klein, relates a history of one of the most inspiring recent social and political movements, through the eyes of women. Compañeras: Zapatista Women’s Stories, is a …

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Apr 01 2015

Listen Yankee! Why Cuba Matters

GUEST: Tom Hayden is the author of Listen Yankee! Why Cuba Matters.

When President Obama made his surprise announcement just months ago, on December 17th, 2014, he began by saying, “Today, the United States of America is changing its relationship with the people of Cuba.” Those words marked a historic moment – the beginning of normalizing relations between the United States and Cuba, after more than half a century of hostilities …

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Mar 31 2015

They Know Everything About You

GUEST: Robert Scheer is the former national affairs correspondent and columnist for the Los Angeles Times…

When Edward Snowden revealed to the whole world that the US government’s National Security Agency was vacuuming up all the data it could on pretty much everyone it could, George Orwell likely rolled in his grave. The frightening dystopia of constant surveillance he had described seemed to have sprung up under our very noses and …

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Mar 30 2015

The Shadow of the Crescent Moon

GUEST: Fatima Bhutto, journalist, poet and writer, author of a number of books including Songs of Blood and Sword, and her latest, The Shadow of the Crescent Moon, a novel…

The North West Frontier Province is a name that began being bandied about in Western media after the September 11th attacks. It is a mysterious region in the rugged mountainous border region between Afghanistan and Pakistan where tribal communities rule themselves, …

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Mar 26 2015

Madison’s Music: On Reading the First Amendment

GUEST: Burt Neuborne is the Inez Milholland Professor of Civil Liberties and the founding legal director of the Brennan Center for Justice at NYU Law School…

On December 15, 1791, Congress passed the ten amendments to the US Constitution that became known as the Bill of Rights. The first on that list enshrines a basic tenet of freedom – loosely interpreted, the freedom of speech. That speech could be religion, the …

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Mar 25 2015

Kill Chain: The Rise of the High Tech Assassins

GUEST: Andrew Cockburn, Washington editor of Harper’s Magazine and the author of many articles and books on national security…

The US assassinated 9 people in Nangahar Province, Afghanistan, yesterday morning by drone strike. Officials say the targets were militants working with the Pakistani Taliban and Lashkar-e-Islam group. Last Thursday, another drone strike in the Pakistan/Afghanistan border region, reportedly killed a prominent Pakistani Taliban leader, Khawray Mehsud. And in early March, …

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