Nov 14 2005

What People Are Saying About Uprising

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  • “Sonali Kolhatkar has rapidly established herself as one of the country’s premier voices in community radio. ‘Uprising’ has a large and growing audience that appreciates Ms. Kolhatkar’s understanding of complex local, national and international issues. Her knowledge, breath of interests, humor and quick and easy manner make ‘Uprising’ a listening must. Whether as a guest or a listener whenever I am in SoCal I get up for ‘Uprising.'” —David Barsamian, host of Alternative Radio.
  • “Uprising is a program which makes me envious of those in the LA area. As a journalist whose job demands a constant and reliable intake of trusted information on the cutting edge, Sonali Kolhatkar and her colleagues at Uprising deliver….and then some.” —Dahr Jamail, independent reporter
  • “Uprising and programs like it represent the future of Pacifica and indeed all independent media — intelligent, engaging and provocative discussions that prompt informed as well as new listeners to think differently about the issues that affect our world. Here at Houston’s KPFT, Uprising is appreciated by our audience because Sonali Kolhatkar’s insightful interviews and news selection are a natural draw for people looking for leading edge journalism and ideas.” – Ernesto Aguilar, Program Director, KPFT
  • “I can’t emphasize enough what a great addition Uprising is to our weekend schedule. We have a heavy public affairs schedule on weekend mornings, and Uprising serves as a centerpiece because of its newness. I’m happy to run it twice, as we have been for awhile… Uprising’s weekend show should be heard by more.” — Leigh Robartes, KRFP Radio Free Moscow
  • “’Uprising’ is an intelligent, thought provoking, audience participatory show that I find more engaging than the shouting or pedantic rantings of other talk shows.” — Randi Zimmerman, WMNF Tampa, former headlines producer for Free Speech Radio News.
  • “After listening to your show once again this morning I wanted to transmit to you that I thought that the last two weeks of Uprising has been phenomenal you sure cover topics that are interesting and beneficial for one’s life-thanks for the great example of journalism… Keep up the great work!” — Bruno M, listener
  • “I was listening to your show this morning and found very interesting and useful the information about the indigenous struggle in Oaxaca… I am a fan of your show because it presents such a wide variety of pertinent social justice knowledge…Thank you for all the work you do and the contributions you have made to the struggle for all marginalized people.” — Sandra H, listener
  • “…since I’ve begun listening to your show about 6 weeks ago, the quality of my life as a southern Californian, especially of one who resides in Orange County, has dramatically improved…Your show has taught me so much; it inspires me and wakes me up! My life is put in perspective and it feels so good to feel angry, to feel like there is so much i should do to change things. Thank you for the valuable guests you have brought onto your show.” — Uyen-Khanh Q, listener
  • “I want to appreciate your good work in bringing about robust debates in the left. . . . I hope that you will have more of programs such as this because I feel this is the one of the better ways to make the left shape up. And also to have the understanding and acceptance that there could be an array of different opinions in the left. For example, I find it extremely naive that some of the listeners would object to watching Michael Moore critically . . .” — Ahmad, listener
  • “Just wanted to thank you for a great job on the coverage on the recent elections. Your program helped me a lot on my ballot. I am a big fan of your work and KPFK . I look foward to your program every morning on my daily commute.” — Jaime.
  • “Just so there’s no doubt, i meant what i said about you [Sonali] being very prepared and asking excellent questions.” — John Barry, author of “The Great Influenza: The Epic Story of the Deadliest Plague in History”
  • “I’ve been listening to your show for last 2 years and I must say, it’s been a pleasure to listen to your commentaries. You are a great host and you articulate your points very well. In these days of “woosy” journalism (pep talk and dog-and-pony shows), it’s good to see some real journalism with guts and courage.” — Salim P, listener.
  • Thank you so much for today’s programming-both the interview about Vine DeLoria and about Dibold machines. I have been a longtime peace advocate and I have recently become more aware of the gross injustices done to the American Indian. I really appreciate that you have brought information about Mr. DeLoria and his writing to airwaves in the morning hours. Also, I will make a call to Sacramento about the farce of democratic voting with Dibold machines. Keep up the good work! — Susan S.
  • “Thank you Sonali and the Uprising radio crew for the interview this morning with Dr Mahmoud Mamdani. This is one of the clearest elucidations on what is taking place in our world.” — Tarech R.
  • “I really enjoyed the interview with Mahmood Mamdani. Thanks for dedicating so much time with him. His analysis and wide ranging discussion and analysis was fascinating. I know you probably get lots of compliments, but your show is a must listen for me. You deserve particular praise for the way you provide listeners the opportunity to hear a variety of viewpoints on issues. Even when the spokespersons speak from vantage points surely unpopular with most KPFK listeners, you politely allow them to express their views in an unimpeded manner. Also, I admire how effectively you referee the discussions when the guests become passionate about their opinions. So professional and different than the usual shouting down or ridiculing of opposing viewpoints that we hear on so much of the media.” — Norm C., Camarillo, listener.
  • “i just wanted to send you a little note to tell you that i listen to your show every day and i love it. in fact, the more i learn about you and your activism, the more i love you!” — Evan S, listener.
  • “Love Uprising! I should have written sooner, but better late than never. On today’s segment about the WalMonster, you read a list of places not in USA that are in danger. Swansea was one of them, but it is in Wales (Cymru in Welsh), not England. I have very dear friends who live there, in fact, one of them listens to KPFK online.” — Marjory Z, listener.
  • “On Monday one of our members, Judge Yosh Yamanaka, heard your broadcast with author Daniel Barenblatt and his release of “A Plague Upon Humanity: Secret Genocide of Axis Japan’s Germ Warfare Operations”. We are genuinely very appreciative of your efforts to highlight this most tragic issue. Most people do not realize the scale of the carnage. As well as the fact that people are still dying to this day from these biological and chemical weapons of mass destruction. On behalf of ALPHA-LA we thank you for bringing to light so many important issues.” — Eddie C, listener.

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